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personabeauty's Journal

What's On The Inside Radiates To The Outside
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All Members , Moderated
This Community is about Inner Beauty reflecting your outer beauty.We will accept you with a stamp if you get enough votes of yes,too many no's and I won't give you a stamp...and don't think that I a grading you on how you look on the outside...this is the complete opposite of the rest of those "nonuglies" communities....I am making this for those who want to be graded by actual beauty and not just your earthly bodies...you gotta describe what you do every day and what you love doing and I will stamp you if you get enough yes votes...

1-post your info
2-put your photos in a lj-cut
3-simple as that,have fun!

1-Only vote by the way they are first,THEN by their outer beauty
2-no off topic posts (only if they are photos,even then you lj cut ALL of them!)
3-if you are here to get judged and get stamped,you HAVE to have the community on your friends list

the moderator/maintainer is sinisterpaloma