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alright well i'm lauren, i'm 17, and live on LI....

--i have 2 brothers who i would do anything for and i have a lot of friends, some that i almost consider family cause of how close we are.

---i'm a vegetarian because i can't handle the fact that animals are raised to die. I don't force that idea on anyone, i won't care if you eat meat in front of me, or i don't guilt trip people into not eating meat, it's just what i do.

---I don't agree with a lot of whats going on in our country, or the people running it. I love to sit around and debate things with people, and try to see things from their point of view, although it is VERY hard to do sometimes.

---i love all different kinds of music, but mostly lean toward emo stuff. People give me shit for it a lot, but i just laugh it off.

---i NEVER judge on appearance, because i know looks can be deceiving. I also will never judge someone on their race or anything like that. I think it's VERY closed minded.

---i'm not really sure where i stand on orientation. i'm still kinda curious about what i like and stuff

---I love piercings, and i really want to become a professional piercer. I want to start apprentcing before i go to collage....but try telling that one to your councler and your parents.

---One of my favorite things to do is go for a long walk with my dog and have my headphones on.

---I HATE physical fights. Defending yourself is one thing, but i think fists fights prove nothing, and i've been around things like that way to much that i would never want to see them

alright well thats some for some pictures....

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