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I am a sarcastic, over-imaginative, hyper & sorta disturbed teenage girl with many intrests and the ability to be easily ammused as well as self-contradictory.
I like to shout out random disgusting things for no particular reason except for other people's reactions.

Interests: 75: 80s, 80s rock, ac/dc, acting, afi, afterlife, art, being hyperactive, billy idol, blood, bon jovi, candles, christianity, coffee, conservatism, corsets, daria, dark literature, death, destiny, disney movies, drama, dreams, edward scissorhands, eyeliner, filming, garbage, god, goth, gothic architecture, gothic art, gothic literature, graveyards, grim & evil, hole, horror, insanity, inspiration, janis joplin, joan jett, kittie, korn, love, meaning, medieval europe, metallica, micheal savage, misfits, movies, music, mythology, night time, nin, nirvana, people, photography, pirates of the carribean, poetry, queen, ramones, religion, rem, rock music, salvation, sarcasm, sixteen candles, spirituality, sublime, the bible, the cars, the crow, the cure, the princess bride, tom petty, writing. [Remove some]

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