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okies, im new at posting images, so theyre a lil...ok a lot...big. i cant remember which i put first, but the one with me in the dress is in march of this year, and the other is from october last year...those are hte only pics i have on my comp. thats recent

me, around october last year

march of this year

so stuff about me...lets see...

My name's samantha, and i live in CT. Im 16 years old, and a junior in high school. from the grades 4-7, i was a huuuge dork, i had big glasses, and braces, and i had bangs, and i wore bikers shorts, and i didnt know any better. i had very few friends in middle school...but once i hit 10th grade...i met this group of people who are amazing, and sooooo accepting.

as far as my style goes, i have my own. i wear what ever i like, which ranges from fishnets to some A&F shirts. i mostly like sweat pants tho, and tank tops. im 5'3", pretty short for my age. ive always gotten picked on by the grde above me, im not sure why, im just one of those people that people like to torture, i guess.

lets see...i read romance novels, ive been playing the violin for...this will be my 9th year.

im straight, but a lof of my friends are bi, so nothing really bothers me. im a great listener, and im a very easy truster.

i have trichotillomania, and ive had it since the 4th grade, and it sux. ive also battled OCD and ive been borderline depressed. thats about it for hi :P
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