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Hi my name is Vanessa, I am 16 years old though my birthday is coming soon and I will be turning 17, and I live in New York. I am a libra, my nationality is Puerto Rican and Italian though when people see me they tell me I look Irish lol. I am easy to get along with, the only reason people have problems with me or I with them is when they accuse me of being racist or make a racist comment about me or my friends. I can't stand racist people I absolutly hate it and I really despise when people accuse me of being racist because I am not at all and they think because I am so fair skinned I must be racist.
My loves include Marilyn Monroe, singing, acting, dancing, being with kids, making people happy while trying to make myself happy, working with my R.A.P.P. program which stands for Relationship Abuse Prevention Program. I love to be on stage partly because I am good at it but also because I like being anyone else but myself, when I was little it was my only escape from my home life which wasn't very good. I love Marilyn Monroe not because she was so famous or pretty like everyone thinks when I tell them shes my idol, but because she over came her past and lived out her dream, which was to be an actress and I hope to do the same thing in the aspect. Kids I love because I feel my childhood was taken away from me and I love to be with kids to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to them I love seeing that laugh and smile and I try to be the nicest babysitter they have had but I don't let them walk all over me either lol. Making others happy I don't know why but if I can make one person happy about something it make me feel good which doesn't usually happen naturally for me lol I also like feeling needed and having a sence that I have some meaning in my life. The R.A.P.P. program I like to help out with for the same reason, I like helping people out of a bad time in their life its very uplifting.
What I do daily well I think i have a normal teenager life, I go to school mostly, I try my best to get decent graded which isn't always easy for me because I am sick alot of the time with some sort of stomach problem which causes me to miss classes. At school I do alot of stuff to help me prepare for my college major which will be Performing Arts, I take drama, chorus, dance and piano to help me in that area. I also take Holocaust literature which has recently been renamed to Discrimination and Racism and I do service for some of my teachers. Thats my normal week day during the weekend I don't really do much, I have been trying to teach myself French but its not going so well. I usually watch movies on the weekend and try to act out the scenes or learn the dance steps on my own. (I know I am a very strange person lol)
I just want it one the record that I love that this community isn't really about looks, and whether I make it here or not I really appreciate there being a community like this around. I hope I make it here but if I don't I will understand, and please a simple yes or no will do thank you.
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