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My name is Bridget and I'm eighteen years old. I've spent my entire life, from birth to this moment, in the same general area. It's very boring, but it's just irksome enough to keep you in a perpetual state of exasperation.
I've danced for most of my life and I've even made it to national competitions. I quit because of my health, but dance still amazing and I can still spot a true star when they're onstage by picking their performance apart detail-by-detail.
The last three years have been absolute hell (sprinkled with happy moments) because of a recently developed chemical imbalance in my brain. Migraines, tremors, and all sorts of things have come about because of it. It sucks, but I like to think that I've handled it well.
Whenever I see a chance come along to sign a petition or donate money towards any cause I believe in, I zealously pitch in. My parents frown on it because they're terribly jaded when it comes to money and they think that no organization uses the donations for the advertised purposes. They may be right, but I enjoy my blind optimism.
I love to listen to music that has a meaning behind it. U2, in their heyday, had a lot of politically related songs and religious themes in their music. Of course, there are other bands, but U2 is the best example I could think of offhand, late-at-night.
I adore reading complex books. Anything that I can follow from page to page leaves me uninterested. I prefer books that take hours to understand. Ones where you have to turn a few pages back to understand a relationship between two characters... My very favorite, and I do have other favorites, is House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. I heard about him through his sister (Poe - the singer) at her concert. She's close with her fans. Maybe one day she'll get big brother Marky to sign my book...? I'll cross my fingers.

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