volcano melt me down (urbancrush) wrote in personabeauty,
volcano melt me down

New. Thought I'd give this a try.

This community seemed like a nice idea, so I thought I'd give it a try. I don't seem to have much luck in those rating communities for one reason or another; but I suppose I am a sucker for punishment; or a looker for acceptance. Either one. ;)

I'm Lhiannon. I'm 23 years old and I live in Florida. I'm a single mom to a wonderful little boy named Ian, who will be 4 this month. I am dating a great guy named Dan who puts up with my crap and accepts both myself and my son as his family. I'm quite lucky to have him. I am taking my GED this year, and hopefully entering the college system to study psychology. I hope to one day help victims of violent/sexual/abuse crimes. I currently work at KMart as a 'jackie of all trades' girl. I basically do it all. They love how I am a go-getter and don't complain too much. ;) I enjoy working with people and I guess that's why I have lasted there over a year already. Even with the Walmart insults.

I adore singing, science fiction, karaoke nights, photography, parenting, collecting odd things, 80's cartoons, Evanescence, roleplaying, keychains and tons of other stuff. I really hate intolerance, racism, sexism, violence and ignorance. I'm obsessed with websites and things of the like, and so I have a domain (which I won't link here.. because I don't want to come off as shameless advertising. It can easily be found via my user info..) .. and love working on that.

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