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hi all this is nickolas smith, i am sinister paloma's little brother( of them anyways) i am new at this so i dont know what to say so i am just gonna introduce myself. My full name is Nickolas Cedric Heeth Smith, cedric is my nick name. i like all sorts of music, rap, rock, punk, mostly the metal and rock. i am 13 if you dont know and i am very bored. i am having a very bad day cause' my girl friend hasnt been on yahoo messenger for like 4 days. i am wondering if her mom found out she was on at her cousin's computer. she was banned for TWO FUCKING YEARS cause of something that wasnt her fault. now personally that pisses me off. i am very angry person at times but right now i am too drained. i am fairly smart kid who likes reading more than the average kid my age. i read the 4 harry potter book when i was 10 in 3 days, dont know if i broke any records but oh well. oh and my sis will be making all icons i put out
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