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My name is Alexis. I usually go by lexy, high C, or alley kat. I am sixteen years old. I will turn seventeen on September 25th. I am multiracial. I am a Libra. I live with my mom and dad in Marrero, Louisiana. That is right outside of New Orleans. I have an older brother who is turning twenty-three on the 18th. I have a boyfriend of two months and twelve days. His name is Derick and I am quite in love with him. I have a “best” friend but she’s the “best” pain in my ass. She tends to get on my nerves more than being a friend… maybe I should just let her go. -shrug-
I attend an all girls private high school. The name of that prison educational facility is Immaculata High School. I am a senior.. you have to love the class of 2004. My plans for the future are to attend college… get my degree in business and when I have free time… attend a massage institute. Then I hope to get a job at a spa as a masseuse, then eventually work up to managing or owning a spa. I also want to get married and have children.
I am an open-minded person but my mind often works extremely fast. I tend to jumble things together in random places. I have a love affair with music. I will give any genre a chance. If my mood is right and the song is perfect… I will be on cloud 9.
I love the new show “Dead Like Me”. It’s quite snazzy. It puts an interesting view on death. I love to read. I love getting so engulfed in a book that I can finish it within the day.
I don’t try to be anyone other than myself. I have tried to mold myself after people and honestly… it didn’t work and I felt like a jackass for trying to be someone who I wasn’t. I have learned to accept myself, and love myself. I have become a person who keeps secrets and is trustworthy, I work hard to stay out of other people’s business.. until they bring me into it. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I am very happy that I decided to change. Now don’t get me wrong… I have just as many insecurities and troubles as the next person, but I got rid of unnecessary drama in my life.

Wow. That turned into one very long jumble of info about me. Well!

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