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I messed up :( this is the good one :)

My name is Corrie. I'm 15, and from Cincinnati.

I love music. It is a huge passion of mine. I listen to a lot of things. But, as of lately, my heart and soul have been captured by Emo (haha, go figure?!, punk, techno (man oh man! so awesome) and the list goes on and on and on and on! you get the picture I hope.

I tend to write poetry when I get really emotional. SO, I write alot :)

I am addicted to my MP3 player, vanilla coke, and my dog. My dog, ginger, she means the world to me. She is a chocolate lab. VERY PRETTY!! I pretty much grew up with yea..shes getting up there in the years :(


her birthday is today!!

Happy Birthday Ginger

I have triplet sisters, so if I look stressed, or tired, they are more than likely the culprit.

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